Twelve South’s BookBook disguises your Kindle Paperwhite as a hardback book

New retro
04 August 2020 / 14:23BST

E-reader rejectors will usually point to the fact that a plastic slab will never feel as satisfying in the hands as a proper old-fashioned book. And while Twelve South’s new BookBook can’t replicate the feeling of turning paper pages, it will at least make you feel like you have a dusty old leather-bound hardback in your paws. Made from hand-distressed, genuine leather which is apparently different on every case, the BookBook is designed to house a Kindle Paperwhite 10th Gen, both protecting and disguising it from would-be thieves. Reinforced corners and rigid spine shields should make you less fearful of accidental drops, while a soft interior lining protects it from marks. Dual zippers secure the Paperwhite when the case is closed, but it still lets you charge the device. And if you’ve got your hands full, an integrated kickstand allows you to prop up the e-reader so you can get through a few chapters while you munch away on your sandwich. Grab one now for £50.

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