Slim Samsung Space Monitor will help you reclaim your cluttered desk

Space oddity
19 March 2019 / 15:25GMT

Samsung has designed an intelligent space-saving monitor that's going to be a godsend if you're sick to death of having a cluttered desk. The aptly named Samsung Space Monitor can be stored flat against a wall to free up desk space, or pulled out when you need to get down to some serious digital business. It utilises a unique arm stand that can disappear into the back of the monitor's slim bezel, be tilted or extended away from the wall, or even lowered onto the desk surface. It's all about versatility and maintaining a clean, minimal aesthetic, which is why the stand also eliminates the need for finicky cable management by integrating its power and HDMI cords into the arm itself. The Space Monitor will be available in two sizes: 27in (£360) and 32in (£450), with the latter being 4K-ready. Pre-order now for the April 8 release date. 

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