Rock out with OMB, and turn any guitar into an entire virtual band

It’s a little bit plucky
13 December 2017 / 17:00GMT

Looking like a metal parasite’s latched on to your guitar, the OMB Upgrade Kit ($149) gives solo guitarists an entire band. Engage in some axe action, and what you play becomes digital data hurled at an app, which responds to your notes and chords with pitch-perfect backing tracks. When you’re studio-bound, OMB’s MIDI smarts lets you lay down notes in DAWs like Logic. And during gigs, you can confuse everyone by selecting alternate instruments and unleashing some ear-monstering synth sounds from your acoustic guitar. Then there’s OMB’s one-handed mode. Hold down the strings and music plays, leaving your other hand free to make a permanent ‘sign of the horns’, scrawl urgent autographs, or do whatever else you consider more important than a solid bit of strumming.

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