Monogram Creative Console is like a modular mini mixing desk for creatives

Mix it up
18 September 2019 / 14:40BST

Whether you’re a pro or someone who’d just like to be, you might feel traditional input devices don’t cut it when you’re working hard on that (in your dreams) Hollywood masterpiece or chart-topping album. Monogram Creative Console (from CA$299 – about £180) wants to fill the void. It’s a hugely versatile, flexible modular system of premium-feel knobs, switches, and expressive 3D disc controllers. Monogram Core is the ‘brain’ that powers Creative Console, featuring a 240×240px IPS display, an ARM Cortex-M processor, and two chunky clickable buttons for switching profiles or triggering other functions. Magnetic connectors let you snap other modules into place, in whatever configuration you fancy, ready for assigning dozens of modules. Then it’s just a case of building muscle memory, and scoffing at anyone still using trackpads, keyboards and mice – the fools!

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