Mokibo saves you desk space through its entire keyboard being a massive touchpad

You’ve got the touch
24 July 2019 / 16:46BST

You might want to save desk space, but that’s a problem when you’ve several devices, each with its own keyboard and trackpad/mouse. Mokibo (£96) wants you to hurl all that kit at the nearest recycling centre, reclaim your desk space, and do a suitably jaunty happy dance. This svelte keyboard – 7.5mm thick; just 250g of heft; and with ten international layouts to choose from – has 90 touch sensors embedded within. With a finger or two (or three), you can instantly transform it into a trackpad of the dimensions that’d even make a MacBook Pro green with envy. And that’s not all. Support for three simultaneous Bluetooth connections means you can quickly move between your computer, Android phone, and iPad, possibly even convincing yourself you’re being hugely productive, rather than merely repeatedly switching devices like a show-off.

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