Magrig Adapter is a tiny gadget that’s like MagSafe for your MacBook Pro or iPad Pro

Make a connection
19 December 2019 / 10:31GMT

Apple’s MagSafe was great. Plug your Mac in to charge, and you were secure in the knowledge a sudden cable yank merely meant the hassle of plugging it back in, rather than your device getting a flying lesson. Magrig Adapter (£37) brings such wonders to modern Apple kit – and, in theory, pretty much any device that uses USB-C. You shove one part of the kit into your device, and attach the other to a cable. When they get close enough, these two parts snap together by the magic of magnets. Magrig reckons it’s the best MagSafe replacement to date, playing up safety (supports up to nine degrees of unintended tilt), reliability (ribs and grooves isolate rows of contact pins to eliminate the possibilities of short circuits), and power (up to 100W). But really all you need to know is the magnets are strong – but not so strong your device will go flying if some idiot blunders through a cable.

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