Logitech’s latest mat charges your mouse while you play

Flat batteries be gone
12 June 2017 / 10:38BST

Shoot! Shoot! Scroll, scroll, scroll. There’s nothing worse than being mid-rampage (on a whopping combo), only for your fancy gaming mouse to go haywire because its battery has run flat. Thankfully, Logitech’s Powerplay mousemat (US$100) puts paid to empty cells and, indeed, cables altogether. Equipped with a bespoke wireless charging system, it keeps compatible mice (fitted with the magnetic Powercore module) juiced while you click, even as you move it around during duck-and-strafe mayhem. Where existing wire-free charging tech requires your gear to stay still, this novel solution uses electromagnetic resonance to make the entire mat’s surface a source of power. Talk about freedom.

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