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LG’s DualUp display lets you stack windows for double productivity (or twice the time-wasting)

Split-screen dream

Side-by-side multi-tasking: a win for word processors, cross-referencers and those who always want their Twitter feed filling half the screen. But a portrait split isn’t so sweet when you need to scroll through the endless cells of a Google Sheet. Or if YouTube is your preferred form of procrastination.

Looking for enhanced landscape productivity? Enter LG’s DualUp display. Measuring in at 27.6in, the monitor features a unique 16:18 ratio – the equivalent of two 21.5in screens stacked on top of each other. That means you’ll need a new desktop background. It also means you can view a duo of widescreen windows at the same time.

Database above, Facebook below: like your preferred Zoom call attire, the DualUp lets you mix work and play, top and bottom. Whether live stream, spreadsheet or Slack chat, split the screen vertically and you’ll see two windows in all their 16:9 glory.

When you’re only working on one task, the additional screen real estate means you can take full control. Tweaking video clips? With a full-width preview in the upper half, you can fill the lower portion with your timeline and editing tools – no tab-switching necessary.

Besides saving your neck from straining to see a second screen, the DualUp display also features LG’s space-efficient Ergo stand. Clamped to your desk, it allows you to swivel, tilt and pivot the panel with ease. You can also adjust its height for total computing comfort. Which should keep HR happy.

At 2560×2880, the ‘Square Double QHD’ resolution is sharper than HD, while the IPS panel’s brightness tops out at 300 nits. The DualUp also harbours dual 7W speakers, two HDMI ports, an upstream USB-C slot, plus a pair of downstream ports which can deliver 96W power to supported devices.

Announced ahead of CES 2022, LG hasn’t yet confirmed pricing or availability for the DualUp display. Full details are due on 4 January, along with all the specifics of its new 32in 4K UltraFine display.

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