LG wants to help de-clutter your desk with its new UltraFine Ergo display

19 December 2019 / 14:41GMT

LG has designed an ergonomic 4K UHD monitor that should free up a fair bit of desk space. The new 'UltraFine Ergo’ features a 32in display that’s supported by an advanced arm-type clamp that allows the monitor to sit flush against a wall, extended forwards, be moved up to eye-level, or lowered to desk-height - all while freeing up valuable desk space. It even allows the monitor to be swivelled all the way around, which should make showing your co-worker that hilarious new meme a piece of cake. A one cable USB-C connection will provide 4K imaging, fast data transfer, and power for laptop charging through a single cable, hopefully helping declutter that manic desk you’ve been cultivating for the past few years.

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