Keep Stick is the safest thumb drive around

Security on a stick
13 February 2020 / 10:27GMT

As USB sticks go, the Keep Stick (£89.94, doesn’t look like a very interesting one. There’s no novelty shape, like a taco or a toothbrush, and the 32GB of storage inside is paltry compared to the 2TB monsters we’ve seen for sale. But plug the Keep Stick into your Mac or PC and it lets you boot into a completely secure Linux-based operating system, with its own VPN, PGP-encrypted email, Firefox for web browsing and LibreOffice for work stuff, meaning everything you do is protected from online baddies. Perfect if you’re not sure you can trust the Wi-Fi in this hacker cafe. That OS only leaves you with 18GB of usable storage, and there’s a £9.96 monthly subscription charge to pay, but if simple plug-and-play security is what you’re after, what’s the price of peace of mind?

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