HP's Envy X2 is like a Snapdragon-powered Surface Pro

Windows 10 on a smartphone-grade CPU for the first time
05 December 2017 / 19:55GMT

If you're spending twenty hours at a time sat in front of a Windows 10 laptop, you should maybe think about getting another job. That not an option? Then pick up one of HP's new Snapdragon-powered Envy X2 hybrids instead. It's got the battery life to last all that time without needing to plug in to the mains. Qualcomm's silicon might usually show up in smartphones, but here it'll keep going for almost a month in standby mode. HP reckons it has the grunt to run Windows 10 S, or Windows 10 Pro if you want to upgrade later. All this sits behind a 12.3in, 1920x1280 touchscreen, with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of on-board storage making it a pretty potent work machine - especially when paired with the detachable keyboard cover. Expect to see them on sale early next year, with prices starting from £999.

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