CrowPi is a Raspberry Pi powered electronics kit packed into a tiny suitcase

Something to crow about
17 May 2018 / 14:56BST

By now, everyone and their grandmother’s aware of the scope of the Raspberry Pi. Heck, your gran’s probably got one herself. But if you’re into hacking and electronics rather than coding, things can get a bit messy, leading to a room full of wires and components. CrowPi (from £110) cunningly deals with this by packing everything into a tiny case. In the lid, you get a 7in display. In the base, there’s a slot for a Pi, and then a board with a slew of sensors (motion; light; sound; touch) and things that go bing and buzz. Out in July, it’s ideal fodder should you want to get a kid into hardware hacking – but in a contained manner – or fancy fashioning for yourself a tiny oddball computer that wouldn’t look out of place in Brazil.

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