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ChromeOS gets chromed with Acer’s aluminium Chromebook 15

Even umlauts out the wazoo couldn't make this any more metal

You might think Chromebook are supposed to be cheap and nasty, but only the former half is true – Google’s simple laptop OS can be sleek as well as easy on the wallet, as Acer’s Chromebook 15 proves. This 2017 edition is made from aluminium, and weighs less than a kilo, so you won’t need a sherpa to schlep it around. A fanless design keeps things quiet as well as cool, even with a quad-core Intel Pentium and 8GB of RAM keeping ChromeOS ticking over. There’s enough battery for twelve hours of writing, playing or binge-watching your favourite Netflix shows, and the Google Play Store means you won’t need to miss out on your favourite apps. Throw in USB-C ports and a backlit keyboard, and you’ve got one seriously slick Chromebook. It’ll be on sale later in the year, although UK prices are still TBC.

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