Build your own touchscreen PC with Kano’s latest computer kit – and then start coding

You’ve got the touch
14 September 2018 / 12:42BST

Kids these days. They don’t remember when your computer showed up as a kit you put together yourself, and sat there expecting you to learn to code on it. Until now, that is, because Kano’s Computer Kit Touch (£279.99) invites you to build your own PC – and because it’s 2018 and not 1980, it’s got a 10.1-inch touchscreen too. In fact, it’s got way more than that – a wireless keyboard, speakers, cables, a battery, a Raspberry Pi, a mic, and a bunch of stickers for plastering all over your face when it all gets a bit too much. When the kit’s finally complete, tutorials take you from block-based coding to full-on Terminal commands. And who wouldn’t want to become a coding genius when armed with a seriously cool and chunky touchscreen PC with a bright orange keyboard?

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