Apple’s new iPad Pro is all-screen, raw power, and apptastic

Glass and a half
30 October 2018 / 16:03GMT

It’s not like the iPad Pro wasn’t already a bit special, but Apple reckons the 2018 edition (from £769) cracks what it was going for from day one. It’s all-screen, eradicating the Home button to history. There’s no notch, yet you still get Face ID – which now works in any orientation. More importantly, given the ‘Pro’ bit of the name, this device is a powerhouse. The A12X Bionic ramps up single core performance by up to 35 per cent, multicore by up to 90 per cent, and GPU clout has doubled – perfect for Adobe’s upcoming Photoshop for iPad. Beyond that, there’s connectivity to a wider range of peripherals (including 5k displays) by way of USB-C, and a new Pencil for helping to craft the gallery masterpiece you’ll need to pay for the thing.

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