The Apple Pro Display XDR is one seriously incredible-looking screen

I can see clearly now (my savings are gone)
04 June 2019 / 6:20BST

No matter what kind of monitor you stare at while playing games and reading your absolute favourite website, Stuff (thanks!), we're pretty sure it's put to shame by Apple's new Pro Display XDR. This 32in Retina 6K display tosses out some mind-blowing specs, from its 6016x3384 resolution to the P3 wide colour gamut and true 10-bit colour, plus it has an optional matte option called nano-texture, which is done with nanometre-level etching to minimise reflections and glare. It can even hit a peak brightness of 1,600 nits, and can consistently sustain 1,000 nits without breaking a sweat. As you might've guessed from those specs and it being from Apple, the Pro Display XDR isn't cheap: it starts at US$4,999, and the optional Pro Stand (which lets you flip the screen into portrait orientation) is another US$999 on top of that. But hey, your US$6K+ screen will go perfectly with the new $6K+ Mac Pro.

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