Amazon Kindle Kids Edition is an ebook reader for young bookworms

A real page-turner
07 October 2019 / 14:00BST

When the alternatives are playing FIFA, learning a new dance from Fortnite, or riding an electric scooter while vaping, it can be pretty difficult to convince kids to do something old-fashioned like reading a book. But show them something that looks like technology and they’ll be 300 pages into Moby Dick before you know it. That’s why Amazon has made the Kindle Kids Edition (£100) – a 6in ebook reader with adjustable front light and loads of sprog-friendly features, such as achievement badges, definitions automatically shown over difficult words, and a Vocabulary Builder that adds them to flashcards for future recaps. Just like the other kiddy Kindles, Amazon will replace it if anything happens to it in the first two years, so you don’t even need to worry about it getting run over by a young two-wheeled vape addict.

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