The ZenFone 4 is an Asus take on the dual-camera flagship phone

Priced to butt heads with the OnePlus 5
21 September 2017 / 18:30BST

Didn't you get the memo? Mid-range is the new top-end when it comes to smartphones. No-one wants to drop a grand on the latest and greatest, when you can get killer hardware for half the price. Case in point: the ZenFone 4. This glass-backed head turner is Asus' big push to break back into the UK, after a few years in hibernation. It's packing a 5.5in, Full HD LCD screen, clever wide-angle dual camera tech, and a price to directly challenge the OnePlus 5 at £449. OK, the Snapdragon 630 CPU might not be as cutting edge as the 835 you'll find in the OnePlus, but it should be a whole lot more power efficient - meaning better battery life all round. It'll be up for pre-order next week, and be on sale in Blightly from early November.


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