Wileyfox adds ads with price-slashed Add-X phones

Major savings if you don’t mind turning your lock screen into a digital billboard
06 December 2017 / 0:01GMT

You might have missed out on a Black Friday smartphone bargain, but don’t kick yourself - that’s both painful and hard to do. Unless you’re a yoga instructor. Save your knees and snap up a ridiculously discounted Add-X handset instead: as long as you don’t mind putting up with a few adverts on your lockscreen, you can grab a Wileyfox phone for up to 42% off. Amazon does it with its Fire tablets, but that only saves you a tenner - here you can get a £190 Swift 2 Plus for £119. The Swift 2, Spark X and Spark+ all get in on the action, too, with targeted ads on the lock screen in exchange for a much lower price. Don’t like adverts every time you wake up your phone? You can pay to remove ‘em later on.