Unihertz Atom is a tiny Android phone for extreme sports, hiking, and filming underwater

Small screen. Big performer
08 June 2018 / 15:30BST

As smartphone dimensions trend towards those of clown shoes and surfboards, we overlook that tech companies once prized petite form factors. Tiny Android blower Atom ($219) hasn’t forgotten. Its dinky 45x96x18mm frame only has space for a 2.45in 432x240 display, but the diminutive form-factor doesn’t mean stripped-back specs elsewhere. Witness: 4GB RAM; 64GB storage; 2GHz octa-core CPU; Android Oreo; 16MP rear camera (8MP front); NFC; fingerprint sensor; and a headphone port. More importantly, its rugged IP68-certified build can take a tumble on a hike, fit snugly in an armband when you’re jogging, and is suitable for underwater filming. You probably won’t use Atom for a Netflix marathon, but when training for an actual marathon it might be just the ticket.