The Stereo Speaker Moto Mod turns your Moto Z into a tiny boombox

Pump up the volume
12 April 2018 / 16:28BST

The Stereo Speaker Moto Mod ($60) isn’t the first speaker system designed for the Moto Z, but it’s the one you’ll want to buy. It snaps on to your phone, and instantly delivers punchy stereo sound through a pair of 28mm speakers. There’s no messing about with pairing, cables and charging (the unit is powered by your phone), and a handy kickstand props up your phone – ideal for Skype calls, or to transform your Moto Z into a tiny telly. Just don’t ramp up the volume too much if you’re the kind of person who gleefully sits there running Rick Astley YouTube videos on a loop, or you’ll need someone to issue a ‘somehow rescue my phone from the sea’ mod.