Samsung puts the Galaxy A80’s front-facing camera on the back

Slide-up rotating snapper makes room for Samsung’s first ‘New Infinity’ display
10 April 2019 / 16:44BST

Smartphone designers have tried all kinds of tricks to maximise screen size without sacrificing the front-facing camera. First it was notches. Then smaller notches. Now Samsung has just decided to forget notches altogether and put the front-facing camera on the back instead. Confused? Don’t be. You can use the Galaxy A80’s triple camera array to snap away as usual, but if you decide you want to take a selfie the top portion of the phone extends and the 48MP+8MP setup with 3D Depth sensor rotates 180 degrees to face you. That also means that the 6.7in Super AMOLED screen is Samsung’s first ‘New Infinity’ display, complete with a built-in fingerprint sensor and 1080×2400 resolution. Underneath you get an octa-core processor, 8GB of RAM, a 3700mAh battery and 128GB of storage, although there’s no SD slot to add to it. There’s also no UK pricing yet, but the A80 is expected to be available from the end of May.