The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra shoots for the moon

A lot, and a bit more
11 February 2020 / 19:08GMT

Time to meet the first Samsung phone of 2020 so packed with tech the stuff might start seeping out of the SIM tray. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra introduces Space Zoom, which lets you zoom in to 100x. Want to check the moon for the flag Neil Armstrong left in 1969, or how your neighbour’s begonias are going? Sorted. This is also the first phone to shoot 8K video. It’s not often we use mobiles that could give your 4K OLED TV a complex. These standard-setting specs are part of the Ultra’s quad rear camera array. It is made up of a 108MP primary sensor, 48MP telephoto with 10x “hybrid optical” zoom stills, a 12MP ultra-wide and a TOF depth camera. Samsung is clearly out for best-in-class awards, because the photo boasts don’t end there. The new Bright Night mode promises “ridiculous” low-light performance, merging together 30 frames using a handheld-friendly algorithm. And with a main sensor 40% bigger than the Note 10’s, even Google and Huawei should be worried. And the other bits? You get a 6.9-inch 120Hz OLED screen, up to 512GB storage, a brand new Exynos 990 processor with 25% more graphics power, 5G, and a plus-size 5000mAh battery. And all for a cool £1,200. 

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