Popsicase is an iPhone case made from recycled fishing nets and metal that looks like a lollipop

Good enough to eat
20 July 2018 / 12:00BST

There you are, ready to take the perfect selfie. But then disaster strikes: your iPhone suddenly becomes a bar of soap, slips from your grasp, and is seconds later a sad pile of scrap on the floor. Instead, have scrap come to your aid, by grabbing a POPSICASE (€29). This eco-friendly case is made entirely from recycled materials – discarded fishing nets and scrap aluminium – refashioned into vibrant (or black and grey for boring types) lolly-like forms. You can get a grip on its retractible ergonomic handle, keeping your iPhone safe when held at any angle. Just don’t forget what you’re holding and bite into your POPSICASE – it won’t look quite so sleek with teeth marks in it.