Oppo's latest concept is a Slide-Phone that makes folding functional

Origami king
17 December 2020 / 13:33GMT

Oppo has been getting conceptual at the China International Industrial Design Expo with some experimental gadgets that fly in the face of normality at supersonic speed. One such creation is the company's new 'Slide-Phone,' a minimalist slice of telecommunications tech that can very literally morph to meet the needs of users. The sleek, matte black handset looks more like something you'd find at Area 51 than the Carphone Warehouse, and uses three foldable screens attached by hinges to morph into a variety of different forms - allowing it to turn into everything from a widescreen gaming and streaming device, compact selfie camera, or flip memo pad (complete with stylus). When not in use, the Slide-Phone can be folded down to the size of a credit card, delivering all of the real-estate of a big-screen handset with none of the bulk. It's a genuinely ingenious concept, so here's hoping it eventually ends up in the hands of consumers.