Oppo RX17 Pro brings its in-screen fingerprint reader to Europe

6.4in Android phone also comes with triple camera setup and Ultra Night Mode
07 November 2018 / 10:41GMT

When OnePlus revealed its 6T last week we wondered whether it was possible to cram any more into a phone that costs just €549. Well Oppo’s RX17 Pro has just proved it’s not, but for €50 more you do get an extra camera on the back. From the front it’s difficult to tell the pair apart: both have 6.4in 2340x1080 AMOLED displays with a fingerprint scanner built in and a teardrop notch to accommodate the front-facing camera. Oppo owns OnePlus, so that’s not a massive surprise, but there are a few changes. That selfie cam is 25MP rather than 16MP, while the extra one on the back allows you to take 3D photos with AR apps. The Oppo’s processor has been downgraded slightly to a Snapdragon 710, while the only storage option is 128GB and there’s no card slot. The RX17 Pro goes on sale on 16 November for €599, and while there’s no UK pricing yet, Oppo says it will be available to buy in Blighty soon.


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