MAKERphone is an Arduino-based mobile phone kit for hackers, coders, and the DIY-curious

Box clever
07 November 2018 / 12:34GMT

Modern smartphones are sealed units. Short of enrolling at Foxconn, you won’t be making one yourself. But if you’ve a hankering to put together your own blower, there’s now MAKERphone ($94). Looking like a prop from Brazil, MAKERphone lacks the refined design of an iPhone, but it’s surprisingly feature-rich for something you put together with your own blood, sweat and solder. You can make calls, send texts, and play apps and games on a diddy 160x128 colour TFT. Perhaps most importantly, you get eight programmable LEDs to rock the dancefloor with your own palm-based lightshow while blasting MP3s from the built-in speaker. A bit lazy but feeling the vibe? For an extra fiver, you can get one pre-made. And either way, the battery last a full three days. Take that, Apple!