Hex’s DeLorean case will take your iPhone back to the future

Where we're going, you're still going to need a phone case
19 July 2017 / 12:35BST

Take an iPhone 7 back to 1985 and they’d probably burn you for being some sort of witch. Bring a little bit of 1985 to your iPhone, however, and you’ll attract jealous glances from Back to the Future fans every time you pull your phone out the pocket of your life preserver. Made from polycarbonate and brushed aluminium, with the logo of Marty McFly’s favourite car laser-etched into the back, the Hex x DeLorean Apex case (US$50) should protect your pride and joy from any bumps and scrapes endured during time travel, just try not to drop it when you hit 88mph. You never know where it might end up.