Freefly Movi is a cinema robot that enables you to shoot Hollywood-worthy footage on your iPhone

Supercharged gimbal
07 December 2017 / 15:25GMT

Stroll onto a film set and everyone will know the name Freefly, whose camera stabilisation tech is used to make some of your favourite blockbusters. Its latest product, though, is very much aimed at wannabe Spielberg’s who want to take their smartphone shooting to the next level. Billed as a ‘ready for anything cinema robot’, Freefly Movi combines custom-built gimbal tech with regularly updated software to help you get the smoothest footage possible. There are five versatile shooting modes, one of which lets you select your start and endpoints so the camera moves exactly when you need it to. You can pan, tilt and rotate the system like a pro at the touch of a button, and the L-shaped design means you can rest it on a surface when handheld recording isn’t required. Pre-order now for $299 and you can expect shipment in March 2018.