Dual cameras not enough for you? Meizu's Pro 7 gets dual screens too

Smaller secondary screen sips power instead of sapping it
27 July 2017 / 12:09BST

In a move that would make rapping enthusiast and self-proclaimed ride pimper Xzibit proud, Meizu has stuck a second screen on the back of the Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus smartphones - beause one just wasn't enough. You can use it to line up your selfies, control your music and check your notifications without waking up the Pro 7 Plus's power-hungry 5.7in QHD AMOLED up front. Both phones are also packing dual 12MP cameras, with the usual mix of high-end RAM, storage and Mediatek Helio CPUs. They'll be going on sale from the 5th of August, from US$430 and US$530 - although you'll probably need to import one from China if you want some dual-screen action of your own.