Doogee expands tough-as-nails smartphone range with S90 Pro

There's nothing doogee about it
17 July 2019 / 12:55BST

Doogee has expanded its tough-as-nails modular smartphone range with the all new S90 Pro (£240). Pitched as the Bear Grylls of smartphones, the Pro is essentially a refreshed version of the S90 that comes with some tasty extras like Android 9.0 Pie, 24W super flash charging, underwater functionality, and a more powerful Helio P70 processor that should boost performance and battery life. Despite those changes, the S90 Pro is still compatible with Doogee's current range of detachable gaming, night vision, walkie talkie, and power modules, so upgrading won't cost you the earth if you've already splashed out on those. Those thinking about going on the next season of The Island can pre-order the S90 Pro right now.