ATOS is a designer arm-rest table for your smartphone and coffee mug

Sofa so good
14 January 2020 / 13:59GMT

There you are, ready for a relaxing afternoon yelling at people on Facebook, when disaster strikes: your smartphone slips from sofa to floor. Startled at the sickening crack, you jump up from your seat, and your coffee cup swiftly joins the phone, smashing to pieces in a brief downpour of black rain. ATOS (€38) helps you avoid such disaster. Constructed from wood strips on a felt mat, this designer tray/arm-rest combo is adaptable to most sofa arms and seats. There’s plenty of space for a drinking receptacle, and a slot in which to plonk your phone during those rare moments your eyeballs aren’t glued to it. The only thing you need to decide on is which of the 19 colours to go for.