Vodafone’s Super Wi-Fi Plus booster adds Alexa for smarter, stronger broadband

Alexa, what’s my ping?
06 August 2021 / 12:09BST

Skilful as she is, Alexa can’t increase your broadband speeds. What she can do is play ocean sounds to soothe your frustration while YouTube buffers. But with Vodafone’s latest broadband package, coastal calm should be superfluous: in return for £38 per month, a Pro subscription bags you speedy browsing, 4G backup and guaranteed signal throughout the house. It also nets you the new Super WiFi Plus booster, complete with Amazon’s voice assistant built-in. Styled like a cut-in-half condenser mic, the plug-and-play companion comes wrapped in fabric and ready to extend your network. Pair up via the Vodafone Home Broadband app for whole-home coverage, as well as access to Alexa’s many abilities on command – from tunes to news alerts. Which, bandwidth permitting, should load without delay.

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