SwitchBot Curtain is a wireless robot that makes your curtains smart in seconds

A little bit swish
21 January 2021 / 11:57GMT

It’s always the same. You settle down to enjoy a movie, and then the sun makes an appearance, blazing through your window. Even with a Michael Bay lens-flare marathon, that glare is annoying, but so is getting up to deal with the problem. Get SwitchBot Curtain (from $99) and you’ll never have such troubles again. This dinky motorised wireless robot is controlled by an app or your voice, opening or closing your curtains on demand. SwitchBot Curtain has better living at its heart too. It can be scheduled, so you wake up naturally to daylight, or keep nefarious types at bay by opening and closing your curtains while you’re away from home. There’s even an add-on solar panel, so you can cut down on batteries, but still feel like you’re living in the future. Well, at least as far as your curtains go.



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