Shower-friendly Aqua Dew smart speaker gives Alexa a waterproof coat

Shower karaoke just got much simpler
06 November 2018 / 12:54GMT

Just because your phone’s waterproof doesn’t mean you should take it into the shower with you. It’s a bit like knowing tomatoes are a fruit but not putting them in the fruit salad. What you need is a voice-controlled, waterproof speaker like the Aqua Dew. Only slightly larger than an Echo Dot, the Aqua Dew comes with Alexa onboard and has a strap and a suction cup attached, so you can hang it off a tap or stick it to the bathroom wall while you bathe. While the sound quality is unlikely to blow your socks off, you should’ve taken those off before you got in the shower anyway. Its Kickstarter campaign has already received enough backers to make the Aqua Dew a reality but you can still get involved now, or wait until March 2019 when it’s expected to go on sale for US$119.

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