Oral-B’s new iO is the smartest thing you can stick in your mouth

Bristle while you work
24 February 2020 / 15:04GMT

If your toothbrush isn’t smarter than the average toddler your dentist is probably planning to use your mouth to fund their next yacht. But thanks to Oral-B’s new iO (£TBA), that purchase might need to be put off for a little longer. With a Smart Pressure Sensor, which tells you whether you’re pressing too hard or not hard enough, a Visual Timer that counts up to the dentist-approved two minutes, and AI Brushing Recognition to make sure you cover every single mouth cranny, it’s no wonder that trials have shown iO users to experience 100% more plaque removal and 100% healthier gums. And to think it used to be enough to make sure you brushed twice a day.

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