Nokia's £60 smart scales will help you weigh up your life priorities

Hmm, Tekken 7 or a summer health kick?
21 June 2017 / 12:06BST

We've seen some crazy Nokia phones in our time, but this one takes the biscuit. Unforgivable dad jokes aside, it's a fitting theme for what could be the ultimate dad gift – a set of £60 smart scales. The Body, one of the first results of Nokia's gobbling up of Withings, lets you see weight trends over time, as well as providing Body Mass Index analysis. Okay, it doesn't have the fancy heart-rate monitoring of its Body Cardio sibling, but it does work with the excellent new Nokia Health Mate app to provide some personalised weight loss coaching. Which means it could quite literally take the biscuit – well, your dad's biscuits anyway...

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