The new HTC 5G Hub is more versatile than a swiss army knife

A load of hubbub
28 February 2019 / 18:34GMT

HTC has unveiled a brand spanking new 5G mobile smart hub that's more versatile than a swiss army knife. The HTC 5G Hub is first and foremost a mobile hotpot for use in the home or office, and can provide up to 20 users with snappy 5G connectivity. It also doubles as a portable plug-and-play home media centre that can stream shows and movies through apps like Netflix, features an all-day battery that can even be used to charge your various smart devices, and sports a 5-inch HD touchscreen to allow for ease-of-use and high-quality visuals. Cloud-based virtual reality (VR) technology is also being touted for the future, and will eventually let owners stream VR content from the cloud to a VIVE Focus headset via the HTC 5G Hub—no PC or unnecessary cables required.

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