The new Dyson Pure Cryptomic air purifier will filter out and destroy formaldehyde

Pure shores
01 October 2019 / 11:57BST

Dyson has developed a new air purifier that's capable of eliminating formaldehyde from your home. Usually brought in on new furniture, though smoking indoors and a lack of ventilation can also cause build-ups, the chemical can be a major irritant for some folks, which is exactly why the Dyson Pure Cryptomic has been designed to sift it out and destroy it. The fancy filter won't come cheap, however, and you'll have to fork over $649 for the privilege of getting your own personal formaldehyde countermeasure. Whether or not that's value for money will ultimately depend on how much of the chemical is currently in your home, but remember that it generally breaks down naturally in a few hours, and can also be reduced by filling your house with fresh air by opening windows, using fans, and switching on the air conditioner.

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