Netatmo’s Smart Video Doorbell asks "who’s there?" with no subscription costs

And it works with Apple's HomeKit too
21 September 2020 / 17:52BST

You’d have to be a mug these days to answer your door without already knowing who’s there. What if it’s someone trying to sell you one of those weekly veg boxes? Or boring Nigel from next door, here to go over the recycling arrangements with you again? A good way to avoid both is with Netatmo’s IP44-rated Smart Video Doorbell (£270). It’ll ping your phone every time someone presses it, or its 140-degree wide-angle lens spots somebody lurking around outside, with two-way audio for telling them to scarper or come on in, and 1080p HDR video recorded to a microSD card. That means there are no subscription costs on top, so you won’t have to pay anything extra to keep its beady eye on your gaff.

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