Nest’s Hello is a smart doorbell that’ll ward off your foes

Let the right one in
30 May 2018 / 15:12BST

The world is full of ne’er-do-wells, and those who aren’t estate agents or oil tycoons probably fancy your stuff for free. The new Nest Hello video doorbell has other ideas though. It’ll screen visitors, both friendly and unwanted, straight to your smartphone in HD with face-recognition, night vision and an 160° field of view. Given burglars don’t tend to announce their arrival in a show of grandiose ceremony Nest’s Hello will send you an alert when someone approaches your home and doesn’t ring the doorbell. Better yet, HD Talk and Listen allow you safely to ward off such folk with a minimum of fuss. Fancy a Nest Hello? The doorbell will cost £229, or £329 from Nest if you want installation thrown in too. Pre-order now for an estimated mid-June arrival. 

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