The Moon is an ever-so-slightly terrifying levitating smart camera

Eyeballing your living room
31 October 2017 / 14:29GMT

Smart security cams are getting cleverer all the time. From CSI-style auto-zooming to opening the front door to couriers, household surveillance is where it’s at. The Moon by 1-Ring, though, is to our knowledge the first tech-heavy house camera to defy the pull of gravity. Currently funding on Indiegogo, the wireless camera apparently stays totally stable as it (somehow) levitates above its base, boasting smooth 360-degree rotation and two-way communication, as well as integration with Google Home, Alexa, Philips Hue and more. When the Moon detects movement or noise it will swivel its eyeball-like lens towards the source, taking stills if needed and pinging a notification to your phone. If you’re down for having a floating robot stare at you intently every time you make a sandwich, you can back it from $217.

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