Mickey Mouse enthusiasts will adore the new Echo Wall Clock that just launched in the UK

Hey Mickey!
07 May 2021 / 11:29BST

If you've been holding out for an AI enhanced timepiece adorned with the classical animated stylings of a certain bipedal mouse, then have we got some fantastic news for you. That's right, House of Mousers, Amazon has finally launched its Echo Wall Clock - Disney Mickey Mouse Edition (£49.99) in Blighty, and well, it definitely fills a niche. The easy-to-read analogue clock sports an "iconic" design featuring none other than Mickey Mouse himself, along with 60 LED indicators that can show multiple timers set through a paired Echo device. The smart clock will display the time remaining for each active timer that's in play, and then begin an exhilarating countdown for the final 60 seconds. It'll also automatically adjust for daylight savings time when paired with an Echo device, giving you one less thing to do each year. What a lifesaver.

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