iC1 mini is a chunky Alexa-enabled alarm clock with two USB charging ports and a massive rotary dial

Give it a whirl
11 July 2018 / 11:08BST

If you feel the times move too fast – in the sense of trends whizzing by, and the hours, too – iC1 mini ($29) might be just the trick. This chunky alarm clock has old-school style but modern smarts to wake you up and send alerts your way. Its frame is tiny – under 8cm wide and 6cm high – but packs in an LCD you could probably see from across the street. And when iC1’s out of sight, you can bellow alarm demands its way via Alexa, or use an app to track your household’s schedules. It’s most fun in your mitts, though, at which point you can plug in two USB devices to charge, and spend happy moments twirling the rotary dial to set an alarm, like someone fused an old iPod to your alarm clock.

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