The high-tech Bosch eStroller is the Bugatti Veyron of baby strollers

Keep strollin' strollin' strollin'
03 September 2019 / 16:33BST

Bosch has developed a new electric drive system for baby strollers to create - without being hyperbolic - the first truly great gadget of the 21st Century: the eStroller. A technological advancement that sets new standards for convenience, comfort, and safety within the high-octane world of baby strolling, the Bosch eStroller System comprises two smart electric motors mounted on the strollers rear axle, an electromechanical brake, a battery unit, and a compatible smartphone app that can be used to control the eStroller's assist level and alarm function via Bluetooth. In practice, the eStroller should help even the most veteran baby drivers by providing assistance when pushing uphill and downhill, allowing for intuitive handling without levers or a handlebar brake, and enhancing safety through the use of features like an automatic parking lock and a built-in alarm. No word on top speed, but Bosch presumably reccommends that people don't try to find out. 

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