Haier’s Wine Bank 50 Series 7 is a Wi-Fi wine fridge for perfectly chilled vintages

A smarter way to preserve your plonk
23 August 2021 / 11:20BST

It doesn’t take a trained sommelier to know that wine should be stored in a cellar. Sure, climatic variations might affect flavours, but you can’t beat a bit of dust for vintage vineyard vibes. Prefer more precise preservation? Stick your vino in Haier’s Wine Bank 50 Series 7 (from £749) for smarter storage without any basement excavation. Shipped in two sizes to suit your sipping speed, the Series 7 can secure up to 77 bottles. UV filters stop risky rays from passing through the glass, plus LED lights illuminate your inventory without transferring heat. There’s also an anti-vibration design to prevent tiny tremors stirring up sediment, while a Natural Airflow System circulates filtered air evenly to maintain humidity. Fire up the hOn partner app for carefully controlled temperatures across two zones inside – ideal if your collection covers grapes of different shades. Besides divided cooling, you can scan your tipple for tips, reviews and food pairings powered by Vivino, before perusing programmes tailored to protect your treasured collection of Cheval Plonk.

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