The Google Home Hub takes aim at the Echo Show

And no creepy camera
09 October 2018 / 17:25BST

As expected, Google today announced its first smart display. Very much a rival to Amazon’s recently redesigned Echo Show, the Google Home Hub adds a visual element to all of the wide-ranging functionality of Google Assistant, giving you what its maker is calling a ‘more thoughtful home’. You can check the weather, tweak your smart lights, watch YouTube videos and relive awkward family holidays with Google Photos. There’s Nest integration too, so Nest Hello doorbell owners can shoo the postman without leaving the dinner table. The Ambient EQ feature finetunes the display’s brightness depending on the time of day, and it’ll turn off automatically at night. Interestingly, Google has swerved any potential privacy questions by opting not to build in a camera, so if you don’t fancy an all-seeing eye staring you down while you catch up on EastEnders, this could be the gadget for you. At £139, it’s competitively priced, too.

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