Frolyo is an automatic fresh yoghurt and ice-cream maker controlled by an app

Lick into shape
10 May 2019 / 10:22BST

Ice cream and frozen yoghurt are great. Apart from the packaging. And the additives. And even a single scoop of the stuff apparently having enough sugar in to make your teeth scream. Enter: compact countertop kitchen gadget Frolyo (about £129). Feed it some milk and yoghurt culture, and then drop in whatever other ingredients you fancy. You can then fiddle about with an app to customise the output (for example, adjusting texture), and get more recipe ideas while Frolyo automatically makes your dessert. Then you can really unleash. Make goodies for friends with special dietary issues! Devise bizarre concoctions for yourself, in secret! Feel good about not filling the planet with plastic cartons while filling yourself with frozen treats! Remember: it isn’t wanton gluttony at this point – it’s technology and science!

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