Fitbit’s Aria Air smart scales go easy on your wallet

Weight and see
28 August 2019 / 15:58BST

If you’d rather your daily reminder to lay off the cakes came from an inanimate object than random strangers in the street, Fitbit’s affordable new Aria Air (£50) might be a wise purchase. First and foremost it’s a set of bathroom scales, but climb aboard and a Bluetooth chip will send your vital stats to the Fitbit app, keeping track of your weight and calculating your BMI over time. Set a weight goal and log what you eat in the app and it’ll help you hit your target, while wearing one of Fitbit’s trackers as well will add info on activity, sleep, heart rate and more. That’s got to be a better gauge of your overall wellness than what a random geezer in a white van yells at you on your way home from the takeaway, right?

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