Chatterbox is a DIY cardboard smart speaker for kids, powered by a Raspberry Pi

Box clever
23 May 2019 / 12:13BST

Having realised kids are more likely to play with boxes than what comes in them, tech’s given in. Nintendo has its Labo and Labo VR cardboard creations, and now Chatterbox ($109) is taking on Alexa, with a DIY cardboard smart speaker, created for kids. In fact, it’s in part created by kids, who’ll first need to put together the dinky cardboard robot, powered by a Raspberry Pi and custom ChatterVoice HAT. Unlike most smart kit, privacy’s at Chatterbox’s core – it never collects data, and only listens when the big yellow button on its bonce is held down. And what can it do? Whatever kids as young as seven programme it to. Which presumably means sending messages like: “We know how to build robots now, and so will no longer do your bidding, parents and teachers!”

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